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Igniting the World's most innovative and entrepreneurial communities.

We are creating a landmark inspirational space for youth, entrepreneurs and business leaders alike to flourish and succeed.

At Collide, we refer to human interaction or networking as human collisions. These collisions occur organically in coworking spaces. Collide is a progressive space filled with potential customers, new entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, youth, and start-up companies where people and established businesses thrive. 

Overall, Collide will provide a home to up to 100 members. This large group of business leaders, freelancers, consultants, students, entrepreneurs, and established businesses will create an atmosphere and culture that cannot be duplicated.

Christopher Misch

Chris "I'll have a cortado" Misch rides a motorcycle, lives on the beach and works 50 hour days.

Despite answering messages in light speed and representing Lambton College Entrepreneurship by day, Chris still manages to make time for his wife and kids.

Ambitious? Yes. Insane? Maybe...

Scott Palko

If you've seen a hooded figure with a baseball cap dodge in and out of bars and businesses downtown Sarnia, you've probably seen Scott.

Running over 9000 businesses is a piece of cake for this guy as long as he gets in his gym time and craft beer at the end of the night.

Human or Machine: You decide.

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